Bobblehead Fred is one of the 2009 Disrespectoids.
Bobblehead fred

Bobblehead Fred

Life Before The DisrespectoidsEdit

Not much is known about Bobblehead Fred's life before he became a Disrespectoid , though it is known he had an unknown friend before the incident but he hasn't been seen since. He was also called an average bored troublemaker on the official 2010 site. One of Fredricks favorite pass times was beating up wildlife and playing baseball.

Life After The DisrespectoidsEdit

His new life is probably different from his old one considering he keeps getting attacked by wildlife constantly but his naughty nature still remains intact.

Fred's StoryEdit

He became a Disrespectoid when he hit the pouch with a baseball bat. It says on the official site that he did this because he was bored. Now instead of a normal head the Pouch replaced Fred's head with a large bobblehead.

Fred's GameEdit

Bobblehead Fred's Game is called Crash Course. Crach Course involves Fred running away from all sorts of wildlife like Bee's/Wasps, Pigeons, Squirrels, and Poodles while avoiding different obstacles using the up key which makes Fred jump, the down key to lower his head, and the side keys to charge.


  • He was the first Disrespectoid realeased.
  • His real name is Fredrick Wilson