Leaky louie

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Leaky Louie Capri Sun Disrespectoids

Leaky Louie Capri Sun Disrespectoids

Louies comercial

Leaky Louie (Lewis PJ Brown) is the second kid to dis the pouch

Life Before The DisrespectoidsEdit

Leaky Louie was a show-off before he became a Disrespectoid. and he had a little sister (name unknown, presumably Louise)

Life After The DisrespectoidsEdit

Now with his new powers he is completing odd jobs that incluse watering plants, filling pools, and putting out fires. He also tends to abuse his powers sometimes seen in one of the Webisodes.

Louie's StoryEdit

He became a Disrespectoid when he stuck the straw on the bottom side instead of the top. On the Official site it says that he might have been either trying to play with or impress his sister. Now he has a bunch of holes all over his body that release water whenever he drinks something.

Louie's GameEdit

Leaky Louie's Game is called Odd Jobbin'. Odd Jobbin' involves Louie going around his town doing odd jobs for points. The player has 3:00 to finish jobs but each job gives the player an extra amount of time if the job is finished. Each job is different and they range from $2 to $40.